Bathroom Art


Does A Bear?
matted size 10 x 16


Gargoyle matted size 10x8 $25.


toilet terror

Toilet Terror
matted size 17x14

too close

Too Close For Comfort
matted size 14x16


pot luck

Pot Luck
matted size 14x11


George Bathed Here
matted size 11x14


Blocked Blues
matted size 14x17 $45.
matted size 10x8   $25.

Ladies in Waiting II

matted size 14x16 $45.

matted size 8x10 $25.

ladies in waiting
Ladies in Waiting

matted size 8x10 $25.

the office

The Office
matted size 10x8 $25.

seat up blues

Seat up Blues
matted size 10x8 $25.

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