New Prints

monarchontree pose

Monarch on Tree Pose
matted size 14 X 11


matted size 10x8


hog heaven

Hog Heaven
matted size 8x10 $25.


Grape Stompers
matted size 13x14 $45.


matted size 13x14 $45.

flamingo kitties

Flamingo Kitties
matted size 12x10 $30.

porch gothic

Porch Gothic
matted size 14 X 16


Attack of the Big Babies
matted size 17x14


Mountain Climber Gals
matted size 17x14


By the Light of the Moon
matted size 12 x 12

sub attack

Sub Attack
matted size 10x16
$30. gobblinggoldfish .
Gobbling Goldfish matted size 17x14 $45.

night shift

Night Shift
matted size 14x16

new arrival
New Arrival
matted size 12x10


Farmyard BBQ
matted size 11x14
$30. .

messedup monarch

Messed Up Monarch
matted size 12x12


Junior Jockey matted size 12x10


Samurai Bonsai matted 12x10 $30.


Shark Bait
matted size 12x10

sushi samurai

Sushi Samurai
matted size 14x11


Crop Circles
matted size 14x8


Hot Tub Boys  matted size 17x22 $60.
also available 
14x16 $45.
8x10 $25.


Chair Flip  matted size 17x22 $60.

muscle beach

Muscle Beach matted size 17x22 $60.
also 14x16 $45.



Night Life matted size 12x10 $30.


Trump Toast 12x10 matted size $30.

monarch happy hour

monarch happy hour
matted size 13x14 $45
matted size 16x18 $55.

two teddies

Two Teddies
matted size 14x16

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